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Mickey's Vision

Radford Humane Society was first started back in 1984 by a group of concerned Radford citizens that recognized there was a need for something or someone to help with the unwanted, injured and abandoned animals in the city.

Mickey Soucek was the driving force of this group, along with Marilyn Turk, Susan Tako and Kay Cook, the first official meeting was held Tuesday May 21, 1985. Ms. Soucek’s dream was to build a state of the art shelter to house and care for stray and injured cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. As well as having an area to provide medical care

Today, just as then, the Radford Humane Society’s goal is still the same. Helping save and care for injured and stray animals as well as finding them a furever home. Our next step is to start to raise funds for the state of the art building that was Mickey’s dream. We hope to do this with the help of every citizen and business in our beautiful city. Applying for grants at each level, holding fund raising events and seeking donations throughout our area.

Radford Humane Society may not big, but we are huge in determination and caring and the drive to achieve the goal that Mickey set for us so many years ago. If you would like to help by being a volunteer please contact us on here, our webpage or any current member. Let’s make Mickey’s dream come true!!! 

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