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Donate to Radford Humane Society 

Every year large numbers of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies are left to fend for themselves because they were not wanted. Either the "owners" couldn't take care of them or just didn't care for them. And of course the unwanted liters born because the pet was not spayed or neutered.

Radford Humane Society believes all pets deserve a loving furever home.Unfortunately it takes money, 

caring people and resources to make this happen.

We at  Radford Humane Society, an all volunteer agency, have been busy trying to lay the ground works to make this become a reality since 1984. But, we need your help.

Our long-term goal is to build a new state of the art facility to house all the homeless, abused and unwanted pets in our beautiful city. To be able to make this a reality we have to raise money. That starts with you, the caring animal lover, who is willing to step up and help

Every dollar donated to Radford Humane Society goes toward an animal, either for food, medical care or housing. ​

Please reach deep into your heart and donate however much you feel is right for you. Donations are tax deductible . We and the pets thank you!

Piggy Bank & dollar sign

Help make our piggy bank grow!!!

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